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CDs Released

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Kessa's concert series based out of Peekskill, with monthly lunchtime concerts.
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Listen to live and studio recordings of Kessa Mefford. Check out Kessa Mefford and Kristina Cook's recent performance on WQXR, both the aired radio show and the video of the extended cut interviews!

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Artist Biography

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Kessa Mefford is an award-winning pianist specializing in the music of Maurice Ravel. Kessa gave her Carnegie Hall debut in December 2022 with a historic program; “Ravel: All of It,” the complete art songs of Ravel with soprano Kristina Cook.

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Artist Statement

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I decided to become a classical pianist when I realized practicing and performing classical piano brought me joy. Not just for my own personal fulfillment, but because I wanted to share that joy with others. However, it is common for classical music to be seen as inaccessible, pretentious, or simply not interesting. I want to break down some of those barriers and make it possible for more people to connect with it and find that joy. I always speak briefly or at length about the music at my own concerts, to give people something to hold onto, to understand some of the passion that I feel for it, and to feel included in the process of my programming. I believe people cannot feel joy if they don’t feel included, so inclusivity is and always will be an important part of my work.


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Post-Carnegie Update

I gave my Carnegie Hall debut performing the complete art songs of Ravel! It was a huge validation of my career and the Ravel project. The evening itself was amazing, but all the organizational things leading up to it were less than fun. Next time I play at Carnegie, I want an agent that can organize everything for me!

I also released my first studio recorded album, also of the complete art songs of Ravel!

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Whimsical Birdsong

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Whimsical Birdsong is a self-curated concert series presenting the complete works of Ravel that include piano. Not just his solo piano works, but also his chamber music, art songs, and concertos. No pianist has ever undertaken a project like this with Ravel. Ultimately I hope to present the concerts of this series all over the country and perhaps the world, and perhaps to even find a venue to perform the entire series in just one year.

Check out the page for more information about goals and repertoire performed.
Mefford Music Studio

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