Live concerts again?!

Things are finally looking up! There is a light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel that is the pandemic. I was able to receive the COVID vaccine in March, and then in April and May I performed two VERY IMPORTANT concerts. In April I was able to participate in an outdoor opera performance with Taconic Opera of La Traviata, with an entirely vaccinated cast of singers and an "orchestra" comprising of just me and a string quartet. We had canopies set up to protect us in case it rained, an elaborate sound system to make sure that the resonance of our instruments and singers didn't get lost in the wind, and I played the whole opera on an electric piano so we didn't damage a real one by bringing it outside. One of the dress rehearsals was FREEZING, but the actual performance days we had great weather!

Then, in May, just a few days ago, I was FINALLY able to perform my next Whimsical Birdsong concert! It was so surreal to perform a live piano concert again. I was so nervous leading up to the performance that I would have forgotten how to perform, since it had been so long, but it went great! I felt at ease and like all was right in the world. Check out the
Whimsical Birdsong page for more info on the performance!

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Those have been the two biggest things happening currently in my life, (aside from a thrilling new haircut) but I've also been busy at work with my Piano at Noon project. Performing a new piece in the repertoire every single month is actually harder than I thought it would be, especially if you dump your entire repertoire and start a bunch of new things at once when you get rejected from a competition (which is what I do). It's been difficult at times, especially as it's lacking the live performance aspect. The difficulty of doing these monthly performances has been part of what made me nervous about my live Whimsical Birdsong concert, but it turned out all that was missing was intentional practice and just getting in front of real people again.

Looking forward, I'm currently working with soprano Kristina Cook on a massive project — record a complete CD of all of the art songs by Ravel. I was going to learn and perform them all anyway, but recording a CD in a professional studio and then performing and hopefully touring the complete program is another level of focus that I'm so excited to tackle. We are currently trying to pin down a studio, and recording will begin over the next few months! In addition to this, I'm planning out my next Whimsical Birdsong concert, which is to be the FIRST concert in the series that will be entirely solo piano, and will feature the popular and insanely difficult Gaspard de la nuit!

For now, that's about everything going on. The New York Opera Conservatory will be returning in the summer as well, and hopefully all will continue to look up on the horizon. It's all exciting!

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