A very different time

Well, I never anticipated that I would be in a situation like this. Due to COVID-19, all of my spring concerts were canceled for live audience, and only one went on anyway online. I was not in control of the cancellations for any of the concerts. If I was, I might have seen if there was a way for the show to go on through streaming only with no live audience. The concert I was most discouraged about being canceled was of course my own master's recital. I will be graduating anyway, so there is no concern about that, but I had been preparing some of the repertoire in it for more than a year. I thought about streaming it anyway from my own home, but what I was most excited about was getting to perform it in the actual recital space on a top quality Steinway D piano and getting to invite all of my friends and supporters to hear it live.

I found out back in mid-March that everything would be canceled. I spent a week or so in a pretty huge funk about it, trying to practice but not being sure what I was practicing for. I started both teaching and taking all my private lessons over Zoom and all of my classes at Mannes shifted online. With no more commuting, I suddenly had a ton of extra time in the day.

Eventually, I had to decide how I wanted to spend my time. I had to decide that even though my soonest concerts were canceled, perhaps my farther away ones wouldn't be. I have started practicing repertoire for competitions that have applications due in the fall and for my next Whimsical Birdsong concert in December. I don't know exactly what my career is going to look like for the next couple years, but I am hopeful that I can continue with these projects somehow. By the way, if you want to support me in this difficult time, buy my CD! Message me with the
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